You may or may not remember my friends Whitney & Jake whose engagement pictures I took last summer... anyways, they flew me down to Houston Texas this past january, and it was a very welcome climate change from the frigid chicago weather. I got there a couple days early and hung out with the guys at the bachelor party!

Mr. C. father of the bride - a real pool shark. ;)

Then saturday morning - things got busy.

and while the girls were busy getting ready - the fellas were chilling in the sanctuary. It's good being a man. :D

Whitney's father as he walks up to see her for the first time that day.

here are the girls giving me their death stares... haha. too funny not to post.

I can't confirm this - but I'm pretty sure somebody just said something sassy... yeah.

here was our little shout out to American Gothic

and I just had to add a shot of the groom's cake too... Epic.

Whitney & Jake, your wedding was so much fun! It was so nice not having to shoot a wedding wearing an extra pair of thermal leggings under my dress pants. Much love to both of you!