I drove up to the twin cities Thursday afternoon in my new pimped out ride to shoot Josh and Shelli's wedding in Lakeville (funny name for a town in the state of 10,000 lakes, quite the creative founders they had, haha) The wedding was yesterday and it was absurdly fun! We tried tons of new things and I think the pics will blow your mind away (figuratively, and humbly) when I get around to editing them all and blogging about it!

In the mean time, I'v been chilling with one of my best friend Tom deBruyn who is also a photographer! Check out his newly spiced up blog -

We decided to go out for a bit of night shooting, and I got a few shots I really  liked of him

What do you think - does he look more like Sylar from Heroes, or like Ted Mosby from How I met your mother?

we were going to shoot a bit more but it got really cold, and somebody in the neighborhood distraught by the flashes of light called the cops on us. haha... twas good fun explaining to them that we weren't thugs.

More to come soon... I think.