Hey everybody, this past christmas break, while in France, my good friends over at eiko studio asked me to shoot a bit of video for them. Video hasn't been my main thing lately, but I did go to school for it and my 5d cameras shoot gorgeous HD video, so I was glad to get my old final cut rolling again. On top of it all, the subject couldn't have been any cooler. They wanted some footage of a friend of ours Tim, who is a fantastic break dancer. He and his group have won many european trophies and battles (breakdance battles mind you).

But first, a few stills I got after his spins

The fine peeps over at Eiko aren't sure how they are going to use it yet, so here is the rough cut - but I figured I blog about it before I forgot about it! Watch it on vimeo for full 720HD

The music is Lenny Kravitz - I forget which track :)

EIKO studios rough cut from Tim Tabailloux on Vimeo.