My parents and siblings have been here in America for the past couple of months. They have been busy touring around the country, visiting friends and family and all of that jazz. One of out family traditions is to try and get a family shot of all nine of us whenever we get a chance to all be together... we ended up stalling in getting this done until the very last day when we would still all be together. It was rainy and I had to cover my camera with a plastic bag... but I'm glad we got the shots... My fear whenever shooting these pics is that we will end up on in a few years.

haha, but nevertheless, here we are... I hope you like them!


in case you were wondering... this is our silly face shot. From left to right -- Tim, Anna, Mom, Luc, Dad, Marc, Jenny, Paul and JJ



they all just left  back for France in batches over the last few days. Its just me and paul now left to rock the west suburbs.

single tear.