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Last Week, I had the privilege of spending three awesome days with some fantastic photographers on top of a Mountain in Colorado (don't ask me which one, all I know is we were right next to Pike's Peak). I was there for the Don't Give Up Project which was put on by the rock and roll wedding photography husband and wife duo Jeremy & Ashley Parsons. It was a workshop unlike any other workshop I'v ever attended. Rather than obsessing over technique and shooting style, the Parsons imparted unto us the vision and meaning they have infused into their lives and Business. They probably wouldn't say this in so many words, but they mean for their photography to be a sort of a life long vaccine to divorce.  They want their wedding photos to be so powerful that people will not be able to look at the pictures without being overwhelmed by the love they had for each other on their wedding day.

This has challenged me in a very deep way. As a couple's photographer, I am much more than a cool-image-maker. I have a duty to attempt and capture the beauty of their relationship, their love and their lifelong commitment to each other. I have more thoughts on this, but I'll tell you more about it when we meet (get engaged already!).

These first couple of shots were from our first night at the Cabin. Props to Jeff Short and DJ Ellis for their help in light painting the words "Don't Give UP."

We were each assigned a fellow workshop attendee to shoot a few shots of. I got lucky and got the red-haired, blue eyed Christine McGuigan

These two are Ashely & Jeremy Parsons! They woke us up at 5:30 AM to do a sunrise shoot of the beautiful Dave & Jessi Lueck - Dave was our chef for the week. I tell you what, I am for France and I've had a lot of good french food, but this man was a master of fine dining. It was all vegetarian, but everything was so good and so refined I never really went into meat withdrawal.

and this is what twenty photographers mobbing a beautiful couple looks like... :)