Mary and I graduated together from Moody a couple years ago... we had just about lost touch - so I was (gladly) surprised when I saw her calling me on a late winter sunday afternoon. Turns out she met a guy... up in Alaska... but he's from the south... and he wanted to marry her... turns out she wanted to marry him too - So she called me :).  I love that my job keeps me involved in so many friends' lives well beyond my college days! I drove up to Madison Wisconsin last month and met up with all of them at Olin Park. I was blown away by the beauty of the place... they set up chairs down by the lake, facing the state capitol building. There was nothing very rehearsed about it... it was all easy going and a bit of an improv. Nathanael's dad is a pastor, and he just gave a few directions to the bridal party and all the guests before the ceremony started. I loved it. He asked for the bridal party to lead the guests down to the seating area where we then just waited for the bride to come. Twas quite cool.

epic tourist shot

Instead of renting out a banquet hall, Mary and Nathanael just rented out the top floor of an Irish pub, which happened to be right across the street from the state capitol. They only had 60 guests so they had an open bar and shepherds pie for all... it was there that I was introduced to Spotted Cow Beer... good stuff.

towards the end of the evening we went out for a few more pics right as the sun was setting.

Mary & Nathanael, you guys are beautiful inside and out... I hope these images bless you for a lifetime!