And here is part 2 of my cousin Jonathan's Wedding. In France people regularly get married at the town hall a day before they get married in church. In this case, Jonathan and Charlotte had their religious ceremony on Charlotte's family property. And it was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious... if you know what I mean.

I started off at Jonathan's house where he was getting dressed... assisted by his mother and his little brother.

And this is Jonathan's parents. Marc, his father, is my Dad's Cousin and Childhood best friend. Marc and his wife Martine are awesomely kind people and i look forward to the next time we get together!!

Charlotte is an avid horseback-rider and wanted to shoot with her horses... sorry, I don't know their names, but they were cool.

I had plenty of free time throughout the evening so I set up a bit of a night shot with them... I think this shot lasted 45sec. And those swirls are my iphone being tossed around the scene. Haha... I looked really dumb making this shot, but I think it turned out somewhat dope.