I was cleaning up my hard drives this evening when I stumbled upon this beautiful shot I took a couple years back of my beautiful younger sister Anna. I can't really say it captures her essence by any means. Just seeing this picture you'd think she is an emo, dramatic, cigarette-smoking poet and horse back rider... when in fact she is none of those. But she does know how to pose dramatically... and  I love her for that (among other reasons). She is a happy, no stress or drama kind of girl who takes life one day at a time... unfazed by the craziness of her surroundings! She is the peacemaker in our family... at least most days. ;) Where as I am the trouble stirrer and the button pusher (at least sometimes, haha). She is 21, going on 22 pretty soon, and she just moved back from Chicagoland to france last summer to live with my parents. She is working as a sales assistant for tech company and from what I hear, she is the glue that is keeping that place running. :) No surprise there.

Love you lil sis.

I love you too Blog Readers (just in case you felt left out).