Jon & Brianna got hitched this past fall in Deer Park IL at the awesome Vehe Barn. Remember them from the high school themed engagement shoot? Yup, that's them... all grown up... and married. Bri want all out with the details... and we shot up a storm!! If you are a wedding day detail junkie then you will love this post. If you are not a junkie, good for you... this might be a bit of a long post for you, but don't stop half way, my favorite pic is all the way at the bottom. Check it out. This is Vehe Barn in Dear Park. There were no deer in sight... but it was still pretty awesome.

yes, those are indeed homemade old-book-page paper flowers. Epic or awesome? I think both.

Desert Eagle Cuff links? What else could possibly exude more manliness?

Check out the amazing job Bri & Jon did in decorating their tables. They shepzazed their head table with giant card board letters and glued scrabble letters together for each member of their bridal party's plates.

The Guys all came in with giant fake mustaches... a must have in movember. 

I'm all about lemonade that features real slices of lemons... so legit.

Bri and her mom took some time to chill... and it looked cool.

Half way through the awesome party we snuck outside for more fun shootings.

If you feel like you didn't get enough of their awesomeness, check out the facebook studio page for a few more details and another awesome night portrait.