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My Brother met Amanda when he was 16 and she was 15... and it was not love at first sight. But ten years later, it might as well have been... because they are tying the knot this coming April. I will be the best man... which is quite exciting! We were all hanging out on a lazy Sunday afternoon when they asked me if I wanted to go on a walk with them around Herrick Lake. Knowing what was up, I told them I would stay at home and take a nap. They left, and a few minutes later I ran to my car and followed them. I hid in the bushes... although I soon figured out hiding wasn't all that necessary... she was so caught up in the moment she couldn't even hear my shutter clicking!

then Amanda came home to France with us for Christmas... and I shot a few more pics of them in our neighborhood. I have yet to really do an all out engagement shoot with them. It'll happen, sooner or later. :)

this is the field in front of our house. Jealous? Don't be. Jealousy is not cool. :)