It's time for me to fess up on why the blog was so dormant for a few months. You see, I was very busy having some of the best months of my life. My brother got married (I'll show you pictures soon), I hosted lots of family members from France, I introduced my girlfriend to said family, then the next weekend we flew down to Florida for me to meet her parents. We had an amazing time. Such an amazing time, in fact, that I was thinking I'd like to start spending the rest of my life with Bethany as soon as possible, and right about then her dad told me he'd like to have me as a son-in-law.  Two weeks later I had a little conversation with Bethany at her favorite fountain in her city of fountains--Kansas City--and proposed that she become my wife and she cried and said yes and now she's wearing my ring and won't ever take it off.


And then after all that goodness, I just had to go on a Caribbean cruise with my future in-laws and take lots of pictures of them underwater so they would keep liking me a whole lot. Enjoy these. Call me up to shoot some underwater family portraits of your loved ones--it's too hot to do anything else right now.

P.S: the pictures of just me are by Bethany. She's good. And she's going to help me shoot all your weddings.