I met Timothée the summer I was 19. I was a counselor at a camp in the French Alps and he was a camper.  Flash forward seven years and I was surprised to find an email from him asking us to shoot his wedding this summer in Provence, France! There was much whooping and hollering, followed by a happy dance.  And then, more good news! We found out Timothée and Hélène would be in Paris at the same time Bethany and I were there and they had time for an engagement shoot! Timothée's favorite Parisian landmark is the Notre Dame Cathedral, so we had to start there. As you can tell by the photos, Timothée is completely captured by Hélène. Their university studies and new jobs have forced them to be long-distance for the last few years, so they couldn't be more excited to get married and be close to one another again. We are so happy for them.