Hey all, just got back from New York where I spent Thanksgiving with my Aunt, Uncle, & Couzins... twas a party. Paul and I drove out Tuesday night at midnight and drove all the way through the night... we even drove through Scranton PA, home of the office. That was a highlight for me... bless my heart.

Here are just a few pics from our time there...

Paul rocked out the Brooklyn Bridge... Its cool traveling with a  brother who enjoys modeling for me.



I know this is all pretty eclectic... but I thought it was fun! don't judge me for lack of narrative... this is just me shootin' whatever I like.




more from earlier... but different.                                   [I do what I want]



and Paul was nice to shoot one of me too... haha. I really love the random people walking by... priceless. (yes, this is my current facebook profile pic)



I have tons more to show... but I won't blog em all... check out my facebook for more... (If you aren't my facebook friend, add me... and tell me a bit about you in the message just so I know you're not a creep)

speaking of facebook, here is a video I made while in New York, and it is hosted on facebook. It should be viewable by all... but if it is only viewable by friends, you know what to do...

just a bit of rough 5d mkii footage slapped together in iMovie. It was a really fun trip! Watch it in HD on vimeo!

City of Lights from Tim Tabailloux on Vimeo.