Are you ready to get your pre purchased album started? We can't wait to dive back into your photos. Here is what we need from you:

1. Go through your gallery of images and create a new favorites list and label it "Album." Then select all of your favorites that you would want to see in your album.

The 10x10 leather and linen albums can fit 75 images comfortably. With that in mind, here is our photo selecting guideline:

  • Getting ready: 8-10 photos (for an airy feeling, choose 3-4 details)

  • First look: 4-6 photos (if you didn't have a first look add 4-6 photos to your portraits)

  • Portraits: 8-10 portraits try to choose varied poses and locations so as to avoid too much repetition. Choose one horizontal image that could fill up a whole spread for an extra wow factor.

  • Bridal Party: 2-6

  • Family: I think 2 photos works really well. One Immediate family photo for each side of the family. If you want a few more that’s fine, but sometimes printing one large family picture from each side stands out more than many small groupings.

  • Ceremony: 8-10

  • Reception details 6-8

  • Cocktail Hour & Reception speeches: 6-8

  • Important dances: 3-6

  • Party photos/friend groups 6-8

2. Pick the Leather, Linen or Silk swatch that you like. See swatches below. 

3. Submit the form at the bottom of this page

4. Relax and wait for the first round of designs to be emailed to you



  • up to 25 designed spreads (50 pages) with two design revisions

  • a close up edit of every image that gets printed

  • UV coating to protect the pages from sun damage

  • Imprinting of your names on Spine or Cover

  • ‘Lay-flat’ razor cut pages with no gutter

  • Protective presentation case

  • Ground shipping to anywhere within the continental United States.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 2.09.55 PM.png


Click the tiles to see a closeup view of the grain and texture.

**Please note that both Blacksnake & Crocodile leathers are too thick to allow for name imprinting.




The Silk Book comes with a multitude of extra features.

  • The option to use your own wedding logo, font or branding used on your invitations or on your wedding day imprinted and gold or silver foiled on your cover.

  • The Photo of your choice inset on the cover

  • It comes with a handmade matching silk clamshell protective box.

  • It comes with 35 spreads (70 pages) which will fit 110 images in a 10x10 album or 140 in a 12x12. Since it comes with more pages than a leather or linen album the book gutter is folded instead of cut. This ensures the longevity of the book.

The Silk Book is an $800 upgrade from Leather or Linen Books. It retails for $2200 on our album store.


Name *
You can have your names and wedding date imprinted on the cover. SPINE IMPRINTING ONLY AVAILABE ON LEATHER ALBUMS
Choose where on the cover you want your names and wedding date imprinted.
Some couples want their nicknames, others don't want an ampersand but would rather have a plus sign. Be as specific as you would like.
how do you want your wedding date imprinted?
Would you like to upgrade your album to the next size up?
Upgrading a size allows you to fit more photos. An 8x8 can fit 65 A 10x10 can fit 75 A 12x12 can fit 95
Where would you like your album shipped?
Where would you like your album shipped?

All upgrade payments will be sorted out via email after the form has been submitted.