The estimation for photos that you'll get back is 800-1200 for 8 hours of coverage on your wedding day by two photographers. For the most part, we return galleries on the high end of that estimation. Occasionally situations will occur on the wedding day that will affect the time set aside for photos of the couple, bridal parties, and family, or there won't be time set aside for photos at all, and it's those galleries that will have barely 800 photos in them. However you want to plan your day is totally up to you, we just want you to know how to get the most pictures in your gallery if that's a high priority for you.

Here are some situations that will bring down your picture count:

  • if the bride wants to stay hidden away from the groom and guests at the ceremony venue for more than an hour before the ceremony.
    • If the bride doesn’t want to see the groom, it can help for the bride to spend that pre-ceremony time in a naturally lit place where we can take awesome pictures of the bridesmaids together or the bride alone. 
  • not allowing 30-45 minutes for portraits of the bride and groom alone together
    • about 30% of the photos in your final gallery will be taken during this time
  • allowing time for the couple's portrait shoot, but not until after sunset
  • asking the photographers to stop taking photos during a portion of the day
  • scheduling more than an hour of down time throughout the day
  • long commute times between venue locations
  • having the bridal party stay out of the cocktail hour/reception until the DJ announces them in.


Conversely, here are some things you can do to really add to your picture count:

  • have a first look before the ceremony
    • we can take hundreds of pictures during a first look, but we can only take a few of the moment the groom sees the bride when she walks down the aisle
  • if you don't want to see each other before the ceremony, schedule your ceremony for early in the afternoon.
  • step away from the reception for a quick photo shoot during or after sunset
  • encourage your friends and family to ask us for photos of them together during the cocktail hour and reception
    • we try to not take pictures of people while they're eating, so the cocktail hour can be a difficult time to take a lot of great candid photos. We love it when guests pause their eating and conversation to ask us to take a picture of them together.
  • allow extra time onto the couple's portrait shoot for the bride to get portraits done of herself alone
  • hire us for extra hours on the wedding day
  • have the photographers start working in time for a full hour of getting ready photos
    • we can cover the basics in 30 minutes, but the more time here the better!