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Nathan is one of my childhood best friends. :) Love that guy... and Melodie is one of my favoritest french women in France. :) (along with my mother and sisters of course). Nathan and I were in youth group together, we went to the same summer camps together and we have been tight friends ever since. I think Nathan is the epitome of the Frenchman! Slightly grumpy at times but full of life, full of laughter and completely charming. I'm sure you'd like him. He met her at a youth camping retreat when he was just a teenager... and if I remember the story right, she had the hots for him first. :) In fact we were tent mates that weekend. They flirted a tad and when the camp was over they emailed a bit back and forth and met up again at a Ski camp some time later. That is when she reeled him in... :) At least that's my version of the events.

I was ecstatic when Nathan asked me to come home to be his best man... so dope. Since you can't be the best man and photographer at the same time, I just brought my camera and shot their portraits throughout the day. I didn't shoot the ceremony or reception, only the fun stuff. It was absolutely fan-didly-tastic - one of the highlights of my year.

We started the day off in a empty field near Melodie's house in Entrepierre, Southern France... then we cruised around looking for epic "Provence" looking places (which didn't take long in Provence).

Rings on a thorny flower? cool, creepy, romantic? Sort of all of those things I think. :) I'll keep it.

side note for the photographers: using a tilt shift lens for what it was actually intended is pretty cool. Both faces in focus, both ears out of focus... life changing.

We drove by an olive orchard and slammed on the brakes (sort of) - twas an epic place to keep shooting.

did I mention this guy cracks me up? he does... haha.

not my idea, Nathans... but it is a really good idea... I think. 

did I mention there was an apple orchard by the olive tree orchard? Is there even such a thing as an Olive Orchard? Botany was never my forte.  

{insert ceremony which I didn't shoot, and the day going by} and voila it's sunset.

I had to include a few shots with some of my best friends in the world!

(left to Right: Nathan, Me, Elisa and Matthieu - Nathan's big bro)

And I had to get a shot with sawesome sauce bride, Melodie!

and of course, being at the head table has its own advantages... perfect point of view on the reception bliss.

and I snapped this through the car window during the ride back to Grenoble... Grenoble being my home town, the place where my parents live.